The Trumbull County Disturbance


UFO/9-1-1 Police Tapes Acquired from The 1994 Trumbull County Disturbance

Through the assistance of two telecommunicators with the Trumbull County 9-1-1 dispatch center, 911 Howland Rd. NE, Warren, Ohio, information was made available concerning a stunning UFO incident happening in December of 1994.

The information relevant to this case, which I had previously requested from former Operations Manager Rober J. Caffro, who is no longer employed at the center, has been researched by two telecommunicators with the Trumbull County 9-1-1 dispatch center after acquiring the date of the incident from an unnamed officer with the Liberty Township Police department. Their research efforts were conducted strictly as private citizens.

I spoke with one officer at the 9-1-1 center who contacted me to advise that the specific date of the occurrence was now known. The date of this unbelievable UFO pursuit by numerous police agencies in northeastern Ohio was on December 14, 1994.

For a nearly three week period I corresponded with two telecommunicators at the 9-1-1 center relevant to this incredible case, and the audio tape copies are now in my possession as of Monday, June 1, 1998.

A sober, scientific analysis of this case is now pending.

The officers stressed that they requested the information about the UFO disturbance as a public citizen, and not acting on behalf of the 9-1-1 Center in any official capacity.

He began an investigation into this event after reading my report on the internet. I initially acquired the first public details of this incident by accident during a phone call to the wrong telephone number in early 1996.

The telecommunicator who assisted in retrieving this information personally spoke with several officers regarding the date of the event. The original report appearing on the internet was created without a specific date of the event, and subsequently contains a number of errors due to this lack of specific data. In due time, this report will be revised to reflect these new findings.

The telecommunicator who conducted the investigation was not fully aware of the UFO incident and was not 'on-duty' the night of the occurrence, but had heard of the sighting through others at the 9-1-1 center. Being highly intruiged by what had happened, he was left totally baffled after review of the dispatch tapes, saying: "This all seems so unreal."

"One of the officers who was working that night had remembered the date because several people who work at the police department pull gags on each other by taking local newspapers and cutting them up and rearranging them to make funny headlines," he said.

One of these friendly 'gags' referenced the UFO seen by an officer, so it was from the date of that newspaper that a date of the incident was acquired.

The telecommunicator, acting unofficially, has made the effort to transfer all of the calls and radio traffic regarding the UFO incident onto an audio tape. He said that several 'Saturday afternoons' have been spent retrieving the information. Some of the police dispatches and radio traffic are unrelated to the UFO disturbance, and the irrelevant dispatches are being left out.

"This is real interesting looking into what happened that night," said the officer. "It's UNREAL."

The UFO was seen by officers from many different departments for several hours, according to the officer. The log tapes reflect massive radio and telephone correspondence between midnight and 6:00 a.m.

"We suspect that whatever was there was seen both north and south in the county," the officer stated, "in two separate areas at the same time."

In review of the tape, the telecommunicator learned that there were many calls made by the 9-1-1 dispatch office to the Youngstown FAA control tower. The audio tapes will reflect that at the same time 9-1-1 dispatch officer Ms. Rudolph was viewing the UFO from her vantage point at the 9-1-1 center, FAA tower operators 4-miles away denied viewing the same object, even with binoculars.

Earlier, this reporter confirmed that all FAA tower operators were fired after the incident. This finding was made during a phone call to the Youngstown FAA tower in June of 1996, later referenced in my report on the incident titled: "The Trumbull County Disturbance."

At present, an FOIA request has been sent to the FAA control tower requesting complete details on this event. The receipt of this FOIA request to tower officials has been confirmed.

I have independently interviewed Officer Toby Melero, who stated that the electrical instrumentation of his patrol cruiser was 'shut down' by the disc-shaped, rotating light that hovered over a residential neighborhood. I have spoken with others, including Dispatcher Rudolph, who have conveyed to me their knowledge of this strange and mystifying account. To this point, all my inquiries reached a dead-end, being without the one key element most needful to confirm the account: a date.

It may now be possible to conduct further scrutiny of this happening on the basis of the newly discovered 'date of event.' The present acquisition of audio tapes relevant to the UFO situation in the Trumbull County, Ohio area, will enable us to conduct a detailed analysis of this incident, utilizing sober scientific methods and critical scrutiny with the hope of advancing a solid, credible explanation to this otherwise terribly interesting mystery.

An attempt will be made to convert this incredible event onto a RAM file that internet patrons may access through REAL AUDIO. This effort may take some time and through coordination with others who have such means. This file will be accessed through this web-site upon its completion.

June 1, 1998

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