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Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998

Please be informed the UFO Research: Cincinnati! URL location has changed. The new address is:


Please note that my e-mail address has also changed. It is now:


The site was taken offline last week to change the URL address from the previous "task" acronym, which had been used since December 15, 1996, to the more practical 'ufo' designation.

The site began under the 'task' acronym for the organization Tri-State Advocates for Scientific Knowledge, which had dissolved in 1997 due to an honest difference of investigative focus by its members. The website, however, remained operational and was updated periodically. In late 1997, it was renamed UFO: CINCINNATI! and continued as a forum for UFO-related news and information.

By May of 1998, the site was averaging between 2,000 to 4,000 visitors daily, according to internal Fuse 'transfer statistics.' The high traffic was thought to be a problem and resulted in the acquisition of additional web-space on TRIPOD. The additional space was to serve as a 'second site' to lessen the traffic volume, and files were converted from one location to another. Frequently slow TRIPOD, however, frustrated the readers with 'popups' that were widely viewed as an annoyance.

Early this month I thought it was time for a change in both URL locations and uploading process. During the transition, I recognized some 'downtime' that I could utilize to 'tweak and fine-tune' the site. Little did I realize how much work was in store. Efforts to repair broken links, change color schemes and update data was compounded by some disorganized files and storage systems. It has taken more than one week to partially restore the site at the new URL address, and it should be completed by late next-week (please advise if any broken images or links are located).

During this transition, my E-mail address has also been changed, resulting in lost E-mail. Any messages sent to the old address were cast into a void, and did not 'bounce' until the following week. This was unanticipated. Please forgive the mixup and let me know if I owe you a response.

I am also appreciative of a number of phone calls to my home from some loyal visitors to the site - people who did not leave their telephone numbers that would have allowed me to call them back and explain.

The site is now back up and running at the address listed below, and will continue to be a stable source of objective UFO-related news and information originating from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Coming soon to the site will be the first in-depth interview with Larry Rogers and Curt Robinson, authors of the book "Iceman Down." Rogers and Robinson claim to have blown the lid off of the mystery behind the famous Roswell, New Mexico incident from 1947, and claim to have unearthed the TRUTH behind the legendary UFO/crash controversy.

Please bookmark the new URL location and apply the new e-mail address in your 'address books.' Thanks for your patience

Kenny Young
UFO Research: Cincinnati!
E-mail: anomalyresponse@gmail.com

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