The Trumbull County Disturbance

This page was created to serve as a directory for the remarkable December '94 police-pursuit of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in the northeastern Ohio Trumbull County region.

Click on the various headlines/titles to listen to the Trumbull County 9-1-1 tapes, or to view reports, announcements and investigative essays regarding this event.

(This event was featured in the February, 1999 NBC special CONFIRMATION)

The Trumbull County Disturbance
Report on 1994 event and its accidental discovery

Trumbull County Q&A
Question and answer session concerning the incident

Summation of the 9-1-1 Tape:
Brief overview of tape's content

Transcript of the 9-1-1 Tape:
Incomplete, last 10-minutes not listed

Discovery of the DATE:
9-1-1 audio tapes are finally acquired after numerous inquiries

CNI News Article
Prepared by Michael Lindemann, editor

Trumbull County Disturbance receives NATIONAL ATTENTION

Analysis of "The Star Scenario"
Further exploration of a proposed explanation

Trumbull County "Hostage Letter"
Accompanied tapes when received through mail


    Art Bell Radio Program
    Audio portions of tape heard, discussion of 'Star Scenario' and CONFIRMATION, from February 26, 1999
    SPECIAL NOTE: The February 26, 1999 program [and all programs 30-days or older] have been removed 
    from the Art Bell archive network. Although they stress the programs are retained, they are uncertain as 
    to the format they will assume when and if they are made available again.

    Sightings On The Radio w/Jeff Rense (part 1)
    Segments of the Trumbull County incident can be heard, June 4 '98 program
                                     Scroll fast forward to the 01:29 point

    Sightings On The Radio w/Jeff Rense (part 2)
    More portions of the 9-1-1 tapes, June 17 '98 program
                                    Scroll fast forward to the 01.00 point

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